Green Roof Gardens

NYC green roof gardens bring life to an area where there was none and can even reduce heating and electric bills.

  • Functional Design

A green rooftop garden does not need to be a huge undertaking or a permanent installation. We know how to simplify green roofs and make them accessible to everyone. Green roofs not only clean the air and water, but can also turn an ugly, unused space into a green oasis or even an urban farm. Because every square foot of real estate in new York is so valuable, we specialize in functional green roofs that incorporate patios, vegetable gardens, and children’s playgrounds

  • Engineering

Many factors need to be considered when installing a green roof including weight loads, life span of roofing, and drainage. Our design team can help you through the engineering maze and get you to the fun stuff!

  • Purify and collect water

Use a green roof to collect and purify water for a rain harvesting system. New Eco instals rain barrels you can use to irrigate your garden or take an outdoor shower.

  • Environmental and financial Benefits

Green roofs insulate your home, increase overall roof life, and reduce noise pollution. New york City offers tax credits to homeowners who instal green roofs on at least 50% of their building roof. Green roofs reduce the urban heat island effect and decrease storm water runoff which keeps our oceans and waterways cleaner.